Welcome to the “WTH??” beer page.

You most likely got here scanning the QR code on a can of Central Florida Home Brewer’s “WTH??” beer and you want to take a guess at which hop is featured.

To give you a little help at figuring that out, here are the descriptions of each choice of hops as presented by our hop supplier Yakima Valley Hops:

“WTH??” HOP CHOICES FOR 2022 Festival Pours


Amarillo® offers solid bittering properties in the 9-11% Alpha Acid range and it packs one of the highest myrcene oil contents (60-70% of total oils) of any hop. This gives it a very sweet citrus flavor and aroma that is closer to oranges than grapefruit. The citrus character is backed by some light floral notes as well as melon and peaches.


Barbe Rouge is a bright and delicate aroma hop that offers ripe red fruit flavors of currant, strawberry, and raspberry. It also offers zesty citrus aromas of oranges and limes while some people describe a unique kumquat character. Barbe Rouge is well suited for American IPAs, NEIPAs, and pale ales while still being delicate enough to use in a modern twist on a classic pilsner.


A unique, dual purpose hop variety. This hop features alpha acids higher than that of Cascade. A good dual-purpose hop, Cashmere showcases flavors lemon, lime and melon, exhibits a smooth bitterness and is mildly aromatic with a subtle herbal bouquet.


El Dorado is an exceptional new dual purpose hop with both high Alpha Acid and intense flavors and aromas. As a bittering hop El Dorado lends a firm but balanced bitterness. When used in later additions, El Dorado brings bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pineapple, pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. El Dorado has become a fan favorite in hop-forward styles and has been featured in stellar beers such as Surly’s Overrated IPA, Ninkasi’s Dawn of the Red, and Let it Ride from Indeed Brewing.


Galaxy® hops are currently one of the most sought-after hop varieties in the world. Galaxy® hops are prized for their big aromas of peach, guava, passionfruit, and oranges. Galaxy® hops are perfect in hazy IPAs and works well with the usual suspects of Citra® and Mosaic®.


Rakau is a clean and efficient bittering hop at 10 – 11% AA, but it is usually used in later additions to maximize the fresh fruit aroma. Myrcene oil is the highlight and makes up 56% of the total oils, lending flavors and aromas of apricot, plum, mango, pear, and other stone fruits. Some lighter notes of lime and pine are also present.


Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the choices, take another taste and scratch off your best guess.

Good luck!!