Experimenting with Experimental Hops


One of the things I love about homebrewing is there’s always something new to learn. A new process. A new piece of gear. A new style. Just about every facet of the hobby ends up getting a new element somewhere along the line that offers an opportunity to learn something new in the hobby. This includes new things in base ingredients. One core ingredient in brewing that allows us to try something new nearly every year, is hops! Here are 4 new experimental currently available from Yakima Valley Hops you can experiment with now! HBC 431 Alpha Acids: 14.0 – 16.0% [...]

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5 Home Brewing Podcasts Bound to Teach You Something


There’s never been a better time to be a homebrewer. There’s also never been a better time to access on-demand, free media. When those two worlds collide, there really is no better time than right now. In the modern digital information age, there’s almost no piece of information about home brewing you won’t be able to find with just a bit of searching. YouTube, Blogs, Vlogs, Webcasts, streaming media, online communities, and social media are just a few of the resources available to absolutely anyone that wants to learn anything about home brewing. In this article, we’ll take a look at [...]

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One Year Using the Blichmann QuickCarb


A little more than one year ago my brewing really started to ramp up. I bought more gear to brew with, more kegs to store the beer, and more taps to serve the beer. I even purchased an additional CO2 tank dedicated to carbonate the beer. The one thing I couldn’t buy was a time machine that could fast forward the carbonation process to attach that tank to more kegs more often. For the most part, I’d been doing the “set it and forget” method of force carbonating my kegs. I’d attach the tank, dial-up to the pressure setting according to [...]

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