Sunshine Challenge 2022 Gallery


The 2022 Sunshine Challenge was an outstanding success! Relive some of the moments from the entire event in this online gallery.

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Let’s Clear Things Up


Clear beer can be a thing of beauty, and for some styles, it may be a necessity. The term "clear" or "clarity" is used as a defining appearance characteristic in over 50 sub-styles of beer in the BJCP 2021 Style Guidelines. Somewhat frustratingly, a crystal clear American Lager will only garner you 3 points on your total score - assuming all the other appearance characteristics meet the judge's marks.  Whatever the reason you're looking to get the clearest beer possible, we, as home brewers, have a few options in the way of Fining Agents to help us out at virtually every step of [...]

Let’s Clear Things Up2022-11-30T17:27:02-05:00

The More Bitters, The Better


IPA might be the most common three-letter description you hear in a local brewery these days. Still, I'm looking for a different trio when I check out the menu – ESB. EBS, Best Bitter, and Ordinary Bitter beers are some of the most satisfying, malt-forward, not-so-bitter (as the name suggests) beers in a wide range of beer styles. These styles will appear now and then at our local breweries, and it's usually a treat when they do, much like "Burton Ernie," recently found at Deadwords Brewing. They also don't tend to last long on tap, for a good reason. The sweet, light [...]

The More Bitters, The Better2022-11-30T18:24:45-05:00
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