2019 Board of Directors

Lori Warwick - President
Lori started brewing 5 years ago with her husband Paul. What started as a hobby for Paul, Lori soon became interested in the process and developing recipes. A club member for 5 years and board member for the past 3, Lori has helped organize club events including the annual Sunshine Challenge and looks forward to a successful 2019!
John Kinloch - VP Ales
John is our new guy on the block having joined CFHB last year.  His leadership skills and past board experience in other areas made him a natural for our team.  Johns beer choices lean towards Reds and Oktoberfest styles and he's looking forward to learning more about brewing. 
Chris "CJ" Ahern - VP Lagers
CJ has been a member of CFHB for about two years and enjoys learning about beer and brewing from other members. As a new brewer, Chris is partnering with some of the more expreienced brewers in the club and is looking forward to tasting his first beer.
Paul Warwick - Treasurer
Paul also started brewing 5 years ago and that interest was quickly adopted by his wife Lori. Both joined CFHB in 2013 in order to learn more about brewing. Paul has also been the Club Treasurer for the last 3 years.
Ally Riesenberg - Secretary
Ally Riesenberg is one of our newest members to the Homebrewers Club and only slightly less new to the craft itself. A bartender by trade, she became Cicerone Beer Server certified in 2017 and developed an interest in learning more about beer. She started brewing in January 2018 beginning with a Christmas gift of a brew kit and hasn't stopped since. She fears no beer, and can't wait to brew them all!