The club offers a variety of activities designed to promote the appreciation of good beer and home brewing. These activities include a monthly membership meeting, brewing seminars, assistance in brewing, beer styles and tasting appreciation, social gatherings, and the ever popular pub crawls. Members also get a monthly e-mail newsletter (Brewsletter) and free membership to the clubs extensive library. To become a member, fill out this membership application and enclose with your check. Mail form to the address provided below or stop by one of our meetings. Yearly dues are $20.00 per person or $150.00 pp for Lifetime Membership. Each person joining must have a separate signed application waiver.

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The Central Florida Home Brewers (CFHB) is a 501(c- 6) not for profit, volunteer association with individuals dedicated to the fine art/science of making and drinking handcrafted beer. The motto of the club is ‘drink better beer’; however, the goal of the club is to get members involved in the fine art/science of making handcrafted beer. The following list is provided to familiarize new and established CFHB members with the club activities that are held throughout the year and as a general oversight of club activities.


On the first Sunday of every month, the Central Florida Home Brewers hold their monthly meeting starting at 4:15 PM. During our meetings we have a beer, mead or wine related presentation, updates on club business, and a raffle. If you have any questions, please email the club Board members at or visit our website at: for details. Monthly meetings are subject to change due to holiday weekends.


Each year, the Sunshine Challenge, an AHA & BJCP sanctioned competition, is held. This competition encompasses all major beer categories and is the large competition. Also, during the year, challenges are issued to the club members to brew certain styles of beer and the winner of these challenges represent the club in the American Homebrewers Association sponsored national club only competitions which are held six times annually. The Central Florida Homebrewers is a proud supporter of the American Homebrewers Association. To join the AHA CLICK HERE and receive 6 issues of Zymergy Magazine and exclusive members only savings on books, merchandise and discounts.


The club sponsors training for members to broaden their knowledge of beers, essential elements of brewing, beer styles of the world beer tasting, and fault identification. Members may take the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) test set up by the club. Currently the club has over twenty BJCP judges, the leader in the state of Florida. For more information visit our website or


Throughout the year there are homebrew events. Examples include general gatherings and brewing sessions, the President’s Appreciation Party, the Holiday party, and various other parties at member’s houses. These are fun events with many of the home brewers bringing their latest beers and meads to sample.


Monthly our Meisters hold beer and mead related presentations at our general meetings so that the club may sample and learn about the many different beer and mead styles. Examples include sampling beers at local pubs or tasting’s conducted at club events. Or presentations related to ingredients or the process of brewing.


Meisters are Brewmeisters and Meadmeisters, some of the best and most knowledgeable brewers in the club, have been established to provide assistance to club members in brewing and making mead and wine. A list of Meisters are included on the club website or contact them at:

You may apply online or download our PDF form and bring it with you at the next meeting.

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