Club By-Laws


(Approved December 7, 2003)
(Amended December 5, 2004)
(Amended December 9, 2007)
(Amended December 7, 2008)

The following is the complete By-Laws of the CFHB as approved by the members on December 7, 2003 and amended by 2/3 majority vote on December 5, 2004. December 9, 2007 was the next amended by 2/3 majority vote.


Section 1 -Identity These are the By-Laws of the Central Florida Home Brewers, here in after “CFHB”, an organization not-for-profit,organized and existing in the State of Florida.

Section 2 -Purpose The CFHB is convocation of ardent individuals dedicated to the fine art/science of making and drinking handcrafted beer.

Section 3 –Goals Promote the responsible use of alcoholic beverages.

  • Engage in enjoyable social activities focused on home brewing as a common foundation.
  • Learn about beer, beer tasting, beer styles, beer judging and brewing techniques based on shared knowledge and experience.
  • Promote the hobby and enjoyment of home brewing.
  • Drink better beer

Section 4 -Motto The motto of the CFHB shall be “Drink Better Beer”


Section 1 -Eligibility All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in the state of Florida are eligible for membership.

Section 2 –Acceptance A criterion for membership is submission of a written application to the CFHB and payment of annual dues. Members are not required to brew beer, but are expected to foster the goals of the CFHB.

Section 3 -Membership Year The membership year for the CFHB shall be for the twelve-(12) month period starting January 1 of each New Year.

Section 4 -Hold Harmless Responsibility for Actions Each member’s participation in the CFHB is strictly voluntary. Each member realizes that participation in CFHB activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which may affect perception and reactions. All members shall be responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests. Each member and guests of members accepts sole responsibility and all liability for their conduct behavior and actions and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the CFHB, its officers and its members from any and all claims or liability whatsoever resulting from actions of CFHB, its members and guests of members. Through membership in the CFHB, each member agrees to and is bound by this article.

Section 5 -Suspension and Expulsion for Cause Any member may be suspended or expelled from membership upon a showing of willful disregard of these By-Laws or other actions detrimental to the CFHB in any way, as determined by a majority vote of the executive council. The charges against the member will be considered at a regular Executive Council Meeting or a Special Meeting called for that specific purpose. The member will be notified by certified mail of the charges and date, time and place of the meeting. The member may appear and respond to the charges. The decision of the Executive Council shall be final.

Section 6 -Reinstatement A suspended or expelled member, or one who has resigned with disciplinary action pending, may be returned to full membership upon written application and with a two-thirds approval vote of the Executive Council and payment of current dues.


Section 1 -Eligibility All CFHB members whose dues are current are eligible to vote, however only current members as of the thirty-first day of August may vote in the election of officers or the vote on proposed changes to the By-Laws at the Annual Meeting.

Sections 2 -Quorum A quorum shall be twenty percent (20%) of the current members as of the date of the regular September meeting. A quorum is required to transact business of the CFHB.

Sections 3 -Items Subject to Vote Any issue, other than proposed By-Law Amendments and the Election of Officers, may be considered by the membership at a Regular Meeting if it has been submitted in writing to an officer prior to the meeting at which the issue will be considered. The issue must be raised in the form of a motion and requires a second before being considered. Any issue considered and defeated by the majority of the members at the meeting may not be considered again for six (6) calendar months.


Section 1 -Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting shall be the membership meeting in December each year for the purpose of electing CFHB officers, considering proposed By-Law Amendments and conducting other CFHB business as it may occur.

Section 2 -Regular Meetings Regular meetings of the CFHB shall be held on the first Sunday of every month. CFHB Executive Council may change the club meeting date for special circumstances; however, limits the number to twice a year the meeting date may be changed and in no case more than two months in a row.


Section 1 -Elected Officer The following positions make up the entirety of the CFHB’s officers and collectively make up the Executive Council of the CFHB.

  • President
  • Vice President -“Ale”
  • Vice President -“Lager”
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Section 2 -Term The term for each officer shall be for twelve (12) months starting with the first day of January of each year.

Section 3 -Officer Quorum A quorum for the officers to conduct business shall be three (3) of the five (5) officers.

Section 4 -Election of Officers
A. Election of CFHB officers shall be held at the CFHB membership Annual Meeting in December of each year.

B. Nominations shall be made in writing and submitted to, and recorded by, the Election Commission. Only current members may be nominated, or nominate another current member, for a CFHB office. All nominations must be submitted before the end of the Regular Membership meeting occurring in October of each year. A member nominated for multiple offices may only run for one Board position.

C. Election Commission shall be appointed by the Executive Council accepting nominations from members in good standing, a minimum of three months prior to the Annual Meeting and consist of three members. In the case of nominations in excess of the three required, the Executive Council will hold a vote at the general meeting of the Members present. In the case of less than the required three nominations, the Executive Council will appoint Member(s) to the open seats on the Election Commission a minimum of three months prior to the Annual Meeting. The Election Commission members shall not be eligible to run for any CFHB office nor shall they currently hold a CFHB office. The Election Commission shall follow the guidelines established by the Executive Council. The Election Commission will appoint its own Election Commissioner who shall lead the Commission in all activities. The Election Commission shall receive all written nominations, determine eligibility of nominees, place all eligible nominees on the ballot, conduct the elections and announce the results during the Annual Meeting.The Election Commissioner is responsible to submit in writing a report of voting results and any By-laws changes accepted in the voting process within a week after the Annual Meeting to the Board.

D. The nominee receiving the highest number of votes is elected to the office being elected. The person receiving the greatest number of votes for Vice-President shall be elected first Vice President –Ale. The person receiving the second greatest number of votes for Vice-President shall be elected Second Vice President –Lager.

Section 5 -Duties of Officers
A. President: Will preside at all meetings of the general membership and Executive Council. Shall coordinate the time and place for the officer’s Board meetings. Shall be the chief spokesperson for the CFHB and shall oversee all activities of the CFHB. Shall recommend, vote on and implement CFHB policy. Shall recommend direction for the CFHB to the Executive Council and general membership. Shall act as liaison between the CFHB and community.

B. Vice Presidents: Shall work with the President to recommend, determine and implement policy decisions made by the Executive Council. Shall work under the direction of the President to promote the good image and works of the CFHB and shall preside over meetings the president cannot attend. Shall be responsible for directing and advising Teams assigned to them by the Executive Council. Shall serve as an officer to member(s) of the teams under their direction. Shall serve as liaison between the Executive Council and the teams for which they are responsible. Shall provide support, advice and encouragement to their teams.

C. Secretary: Shall keep and maintain all correspondence including copies of correspondence of an official nature by any member and shall keep the minutes of Executive Council and general membership meetings. Such minutes shall be made available to all CFHB general membership and Executive Council meetings and at all other reasonable times upon request. Shall provide support to Vice-Presidents to promote good communications within the CFHB. Shall serve as proofreader of all printed communication as requested by the teams. Shall correspond with outside parties at the request of the Executive Council. Shall provide the CFHB Historian with material of a historical nature for archives.

D. Treasurer: Shall be responsible for the disbursement of all monies of the CFHB and shall keep a record of all such disbursements. All disbursements shall be at the direction of and approval by the Executive Council. The approved calendar year budget shall authorize the expenditure of funds. Disbursements in excess of fifty dollars ($50.00) not authorized in the budget shall require a quorum vote of the Executive Counsel. Disbursements in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall require the prior approval of at least four (4) Executive Counsel Officers; shall provide an annual report to the general membership on the disbursements and income of the prior fiscal year, no later than the second regular meeting of the new fiscal year; shall provide a monthly report to the general membership on the disbursements and income for each month of operation within 30 days but no later than 45 days after the end of the month. Will advise the Executive Council of methods for improving CFHB financial management; shall maintain the financial records of the CFHB including bank account balances; and shall make all information available to the Executive Council and general membership at their respective meetings.

Sections 6 -Removal from Office Any officer of the CFHB may be removed from office by a vote of two-thirds of a quorum of current members for any malfeasance of misappropriation of CFHB funds. The officer shall be notified by certified mail of the changes against him or her and may respond to the charges at a regular meeting, or a special meeting called to consider the issue of removal.

Section 7 -Vacancy of Office Upon an office becoming vacant by the resignation or removal of an officer, the remaining officers shall select a person to take the responsibility of the office and serve the remainder of the term.


Section 1 -Fiscal Year The fiscal year shall be from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

Section 2 -Treasurer’s Report The treasurer shall submit an annual report of the CFHB’s financial records in accordance with the Treasurer’s responsibilities in Article V. Section 5 –Duties of Officers.

Section 3 -Annual Budget The Executive Council will establish a budget based on the calendar year and will have that budget available for members to view at the first membership meeting of the calendar year.

ARTICLE VII -DUES Section 1 -Payment and Duration CFHB membership dues shall be due and payable on the first day of January of each year and payment shall entitle the member to all rights and privileges offered by the CFHB for a twelve (12) month period ending the last day of December.If payment of dues in full is not received by March 1st, the member shall cease to be current and all rights and privileges, including receipt of the CFHB Brewsletter/Newsletter, shall be revoked until such time as payment in full is received.

Section 2 -Amount The amount of CFHB membership dues to be paid each year shall be determined by the Executive Council prior to October 1st of each year for the membership period beginning January 1st of the next year. The Secretary shall cause to be published in both the November and December CFHB newsletters, the amount of the membership dues.


In the event of dissolution of the Central Florida Home Brewers, the assets will be distributed to not for profit organization(s) as determined by the Executive Council.


These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Meeting by a Two-Thirds (2/3) vote of the membership with a quorum present. The proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing, in final form with a minimum of 2 signatures of Members in good standing, to the election commission two months prior to the Annual Meeting. Upon approval, the Amendment shall be published in writing, signed by the President and attested to by the Secretary. The Amendment shall be made part of the official minutes and records of the CFHB.

ARTICLE X -GOVERNING LAW Unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws to the contrary, matters concerning the operations of the CFHB shall be handled in accordance with Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes (Corporations Not-For-Profit).