There’s never been a better time to be a homebrewer. There’s also never been a better time to access on-demand, free media. When those two worlds collide, there really is no better time than right now.

In the modern digital information age, there’s almost no piece of information about home brewing you won’t be able to find with just a bit of searching. YouTube, Blogs, Vlogs, Webcasts, streaming media, online communities, and social media are just a few of the resources available to absolutely anyone that wants to learn anything about home brewing.

In this article, we’ll take a look at just one facet of New Media – podcasts.

Today’s popular home brewing podcasts are not only informative but also a lot of fun to listen to.

Here’s my current top 5 pick or the most entertaining, informative, and educational podcasts on home brewing.

1. Brew Strong

Part of the pioneer of live audio beer podcasts The Brewing Network, “Brew Strong” is described on iTunes as:

“Brew Strong, with host Jamil Zainashff and John Palmer, combines the two most prominent authors and figures in homebrewing today in a live beer radio format that allows listeners to pose beginning and advanced brewing questions to export hosts and guests from the Craft Beer industry. Designed as a brewing geek’s must-listen show, Brew Strong is your source for cutting edge beer and brewing information, answers to technical questions, as well a guide to greater appreciation of all things beer.”

I’ve learned a lot from this series, and more importantly this show has demystified quite a few aspects of home brewing allowing me to more confidently take deeper dives on the fine points of the hobby. Particularly, their multipart series on brewing water.

Learn more about “Brew Strong” at:

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2. Basic Brewing Radio

When I want to laugh as much as learn, I turn directly to “Basic Brewing Radio”. Basic Brewing Radio is described on iTunes as:

“Basic Brewing Radio is a weekly show about the basics of brewing beer in your own home. We take the mystery and fear out of brewing the best beer in the world.”

As I said to open this entry on my list, this show is as funny as it is informative. James and Steve are two very talented brewers with extremely quick wits. My biggest take away from this series for far is that small one gallon batches are indeed worth the time and effort to make. I learned many styles following that lead, not to mention brought home more than a few medals from one-gallon brews.

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3. Homebrew Happy Hour

Another one that is bound to make you both laugh and learn something is “Homebrew Happy Hour”. From the iTunes description:

“This is the podcast where we take YOUR questions about homebrew and craft beer as well as interview fellow homebrewers and industry professionals!”

This one of my favorite “commuter” series for all podcast subjects. “Homebrew Happy Hour” episode lengths fit perfectly into my daily drive to work. There’s no single thing I’ve taken away from this show that’s been a major part of my home brewing, it’s more of at least one thing I find in each show that either answers a questions I’ve had, improves something I’m currently doing, or gives me a new idea on something to try.

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4. The Jamil Show

Another entry from the ever-popular The Brewing Network, The Jamil Show is described on iTunes as:

“Homebrewing beer. In each episode award-winning brewer and beer writer Jamil Zainashiff discussed brewing a specific style of beer. Included are award-winning recipes, tips for home brewing, tasting notes, and a live question and answer segment with the listeners.”

This show has been invaluable to me in learning how to brew new styles not readily available to me from local outlets. My favorite edition of this series is “Can You Brew It”. The “Can You Brew It” episodes have featured several of my favorite beers and has been a great tool in learning what makes my favorite beers so good and how to add those elements to my own brews.

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5. BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

And the final featured podcast in this post, the accompanying series to my go-to brewing software application – Beersmtih! The “BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast” is described as:

“The BeerSmith Home Brewing Show is a beer brewing podcast focused on how to brew beer, homebrewing techniques, and beer stories from top US and international brewers. In each episode we bring you an interview with guests assembled from around the world to talk about beer, craft beer and homebrew. The BeerSmith podcast is hosted by Dr Brad Smith, the author of BeerSmith homebrewing software, the book Home Brewing BeerSmith, and the BeerSmith blog which attracts over 200,000 readers monthly. “

Again I can’t point out one single thing or aspect I’ve taken from this show for my brewing regiment, each episode offers a new subject with new information and details that influence my entire brewing process in many ways.

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With so many home brewing podcasts online today, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re new to home brewing and home brewing podcasts, I hope you’ll find this list a good start. If you’re a long time homebrew podcast listener and don’t see your favorite series this particular list, to get to wound up – this is just a start of the post featuring home brewing in new media. Your favorite is likely to be featured sooner than later.